A New Level For The Property Market in Turkey , What is The Metaverse ?

The Metaverse is the term used to describe virtual alternative worlds. Unlike our planet, what exists today is not one, but more than one metaver. However, the essence of each of them is basically the same: to provide online spaces that allow people to interact with each other in a more immersive and comprehensive way. This “new” type of interaction is, of course, unique compared to the interactions we have with our existing online activities and tools. The Metaverse can be considered the next stage in the development of the Internet, and the need to be in it with the capabilities of this technology can be very well eliminated with this technology.

Currently, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality headsets are being developed to increase the volume of immersion, and people have already developed their digital representations (avatars) for navigating this world. However, this is not the only way to interact with the metaverse. You can use a regular smartphone or a computer with a good internet connection. Which brings us to the argument that the Metaverse is not about people wearing these headphones and walking around their living rooms. In essence, the metaverse provides a new digital frontier with new ways of interacting with each other. Needless to say, this new digital world will create a new set of economic relations. New digital spaces and a new economy of goods and services that can be achieved, maintained and developed with the development of the Metaverse. For example, a company like Meta (formerly Facebook) is estimated to create 10,000 jobs in the EU with metaverse services alone.

As we have already mentioned, the metaverse is not a single space, and there are a huge number of metaverse that exist today, and they can be distinguished by their centralized and decentralized characteristics. The best example of centralized metadata is provided to large technology companies (Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc.) Are those that are owned and developed by these companies.). The newly developed central metavers/digital areas are owned and operated by these companies. They can be considered another digital platform that they provide. It’s like an email server or a social media account service that you use today. Thus, you can create a user account on these metadata and start using it. However, you will not be able to fully own or take advantage of your presence in these centralized metavers, because they are operated by companies that are ultimately controlled by shareholders and driven by profit. Community members have no say in the decisions or rules used to shape this digital space.


What are alternative metavers?


Decentralized metavers are an alternative to those owned and operated by technology giants. This means that if a community member is part of the decentralized metaverse, that individual has the power to vote to determine the future of that digital space. This is of course made possible by blockchain technology, the same digital technology that Bitcoin is based on. Thanks to blockchain technology, every digital information, every digital asset and digital products such as avatars, clothes and metaverse properties for sale are stored on decentralized computers connected to the Internet. This is fundamentally different from other centralized approaches to the meta-universe, where each piece of information and assets is stored on special corporate servers. It is also different in philosophy and essence. This fundamental difference also explains why most decentralized metahertz have their own digital currencies, and others do not.

Let’s show a scenario to better understand why the Metaverse has been buzzing of recent years and why we have heard so much about lands and properties that have been sold for millions of dollars in this digital space:

Imagine that you are part of the metaverse, created and developed by a technology company. Let’s say Facebook and you want to develop a game that can be played in Facebook’s metaverse. You have bought a shop in this metaverse and you are selling this game to members who visit your shop with their avatars. Your game is gaining a lot of attention and popularity to the point of becoming a competitor to games developed by Facebook itself. At this point, you have zero guarantee that Facebook will not cancel your account or restrict your interactions with community members. This is due to the central nature of the metaverse, which was developed not by community members, but by an investor-owned company.


How is the decentralized metaverse different?

Decentralized metavers are internet domains supported by blockchain technology. That is why it does not belong to anyone and at the same time belongs to everyone. In decentralized metavers, any community member can join and interact with other community members, as in centralized metavers. However, the rules of interaction with other members and the rules governing this digital space are decided by the community members themselves. This is a very big difference compared to centralized metavers. It also provides an alternative economic model and activity to that of the real world, in which we trade using national currencies, since decentralized metadata have their own value systems, their own currencies.

There are two popular examples of decentralized metavers today: Sandbox and Decentraland. These are two different metaverses with different community members, but they share the same philosophy as decentralization. This means that only members of these communities can decide what to change or what to change in these digital spaces, and not the CEO of this company.


Why people are buying a property in the metaverse? 

In order to be a part of that metaverse and have voting power to decide which changes to that digital world will take place, you need to already own a land or a buy metaverse property in the metaverse of your choice. You also need to own a land in order to conduct business, open your shop or office in the metaverse. That is why we have witnessed so many news about companies or celebrities paying millions to buy a digital land or property in the metaverse. This is the only way that they can secure their existence in that world. Just like we buy houses to provide ourselves the sense of security and stability, people buy land and property in the metaverse for similar reasons.

Buying a metaverse property for sale can be likened to getting your own domain name for your website. It makes you a native, a part of the world called the Internet. No one owns the internet, but anyone can be a part, a native citizen of the Internet. To become a native citizen of the metaverse people buy land and property.


Why we will want to use metaverse?

Once we become a native to the metaverse, this will change every possible interaction we make as humans. Trade, entertainment, education, communication and especially politics. Because we will be interacting with other people without the need to physically be together. We can also ask the same question for the Internet: Why would we want to use the Internet? –For convenience, mediation and interaction to others. That applies for the metaverse too.

In the metaverse, you can own a plot of land, interact with other people and objects, also own digital assets such as your avatars, clothes, your house etc. This aspect of the metaverse covers a wide range of human conduct. It offers a new, digital world, a new economy also a totally new space for goods and services.


How can I use the metaverse?

Anyone can use the metaverse with a simple device like a smartphone. For more extensive interactions and experiences, a VR or AR headset may also be used. But, because metaverse essentially is a digital space on the Internet or the blockchain, a simple web browser and an Internet connection will be more than enough.

How to buy land and real estate in the metaverse?

In order to buy metaverse property, the first thing to do will be to decide in which metaverse you want to buy a land or real estate in. Then you can navigate to any online marketplace that currently lists a property for sale in the metaverse. The most popular of these marketplaces is Suleyman Homes.


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