Is buying property in Turkey a good idea?

Is Turkey a Good Place to Invest in Property?

Every real estate purchase is an investment regardless of your purpose when buying it in the first place. Hence, as a buyer, you would probably expect an investment return within a reasonable time. Or, you want to keep the value of the money you have spent on the property. If you are looking for a good place to invest in property, keep reading to find out the advantages of investing in Turkish property and how you can do it.

Besides being a popular tourist destination in the Mediterranean, Turkey is also an attraction point for investors. Providing all necessary instruments of a successful investment environment, Turkey offers a good return on investment opportunities for all investments including real estate investment.

Turkish properties offer a good return on investment rates with long-term and short-term investments as well as buy-to-let and resale chances. Real estate in Turkey gains good value yearly and this brings the advantage of making a good profit when reselling.

Buy-to-let apartments also bring good returns in Turkey. You can make quite a good rental income yearly in Turkey. Besides, renting out your properties in Turkey amortizes your money within a reasonable time. All these features of Turkish properties make it very profitable to invest in Turkish real estate.

Is Buying Property in Turkey a Good Idea?

Besides highly profitable investment opportunities, Turkey is very popular among international real estate buyers as it is advantageous in many aspects. Most importantly, Turkey is a beautiful country with its scenic beauties, cultural heritage, and blue flag beaches on the Mediterranean coast. It receives visitors from all over the world for touristic purposes every year.

Turkey offers developed healthcare services both in public and private health institutions. Health services in Turkey are cheaper than in European countries and the Americas besides being modern and quality. The emergency departments serve for free to everyone including foreign patients. Moreover, healthcare services in other departments of public hospitals cost very little if you have a valid residence permit in Turkey which can be obtained easily by buying a property.

Traveling to Turkey is easy thanks to a developed airway network from almost all countries in the world. You will no doubt want to visit Turkey more often when you own a property here. Developed airway connections and regular flights from many countries will be an advantage for your travels. Besides, transportation is also highly developed in the country. You can feel how easy it is to get from one place to another when you are in Turkey. This will give you the chance to discover and experience more every time you visit the country.

Turkey attracts visitors with its unique cuisine, too. Turkish cuisine is comprised of diverse delicacies and recipes which has been served for hundreds of years in the country. Most of these recipes are unique to the country and first-time triers always love them.

Should I Buy Property in Turkey?

If you are buying a property overseas and especially if you consider it as an investment that will bring profit, you will be probably looking for low maintenance costs. Property maintenance costs are also very affordable in Turkey. Monthly maintenance fees in apartment complexes are about 20-25 Euro on average which covers cleaning, maintenance, and all costs of common use areas such as garden, lift, stairs and pool.

Property prices in a country are one of the most important reasons for preference when buying property overseas. Real estate prices in Turkey are surprisingly low, even lower today with the high exchange rates for foreign buyers. USD and Euro are stronger against Turkish Lira than ever before. As the property prices are determined in Turkish Lira and their foreign currency equivalent goes down depending on the exchange rates, buying a property in Turkey costs lower than ever for foreign buyers.

Turkish real estate market offers a wide range of properties for sale. While you can buy affordable properties for low-budget investments, you can also find high-quality luxury properties such as sea view villas in Turkey. In other words, the Turkish property market offers options for everyone, suiting different buyers with different needs.

The property purchasing process is easier in Turkey than in most countries. That’s why Turkey is a very well-known destination among international real estate buyers. Legal procedures are swift with no waiting periods and can be completed within a very short time, possibly within 3 days after choosing the property. This makes it easy and fast to invest in Turkish properties without wasting time with undesired paperwork.

Is it Worth Buying a Property in Turkey?

Besides the features offered by the beautiful country, buying a property in Turkey offers additional advantages. Foreign property owners in Turkey can get residency easily by applying with their title deeds. Homeowners in Turkey are provided a short-term residence permit which is granted for two years and this type of residency can be renewed for another two years at the end of the validation period. The fact that Turkey offers residency to property buyers is a plus advantage for those who want to stay in Turkey for longer terms. Having a residency eliminates the requirement of getting and renewing a visa. It will be advantageous for you to have a residence permit in Turkey as it will make it easier to benefit from public services.

Turkey draws attention also with its advantageous citizenship program. Foreigners who purchase property in Turkey valuing at least 250.000 USD are eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship. This program steps forth among similar applications in the world with the required purchase amount, swift process, and the opportunity to cash out the investment after three years. Turkish citizenship program makes it possible to gain profit while obtaining a Turkish passport which brings many advantages to its holders. Related pages; Turkish Citizenship by Investment


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