Alanya For Sale Properties

Alanya For Sale Properties

Explore Top Properties for Sale in Alanya with Süleyman Homes

Alanya, a prime destination on the Turkish Riviera, offers a lucrative market for property buyers and investors. Known for its stunning beaches, historic sites, and vibrant community life, Alanya provides a range of investment opportunities that cater to all preferences. At Süleyman Homes, we specialize in offering the best real estate options and provide comprehensive services to ensure you find your ideal property effortlessly.

Advantages of Investing in Alanya

Alanya’s real estate market is booming, thanks to its appeal as a tourist hotspot and its growing community of expatriates. Here are some benefits of buying property in Alanya:

High Rental Yields

Properties in Alanya offer competitive rental yields, especially during the high season, as the city attracts tourists from Europe and Russia.

Diverse Property Portfolio

Whether you’re looking for luxury beachfront villas, cozy apartments, or commercial properties, Alanya has a wide selection to meet your investment criteria.

Quality of Life

With over 300 sunny days a year, beautiful landscapes, and a wealth of cultural and recreational activities, Alanya is an ideal place to live, vacation, and invest.

Featured Properties in Alanya

Süleyman Homes is proud to present a curated selection of properties that are perfect for personal use or as an investment:

Beachfront Villas

Our exclusive villas on the Mediterranean coast offer privacy, luxury, and direct beach access, making them perfect for a holiday home or a rental property.

Central Apartments

Located in the heart of Alanya, these apartments are ideal for long-term living or renting out to tourists, given their proximity to major attractions and amenities.

Commercial Spaces

Our commercial properties are strategically located to attract a steady flow of customers, suitable for investors looking to capitalize on Alanya’s growing economy.

Why Choose Süleyman Homes?

At Süleyman Homes, we are dedicated to helping you navigate the Alanya real estate market with ease:

Local Expertise

Our team’s extensive knowledge of the local market conditions and legal landscape ensures you can make informed decisions.

Full-Service Approach

We handle everything from property searches and viewings to negotiations and paperwork, providing a seamless experience for our clients.

Customer-Centric Service

We prioritize your needs and preferences, striving to find properties that meet your criteria and exceed your expectations.

Discover the potential of Alanya’s real estate market with Süleyman Homes. Whether you’re buying your first home, searching for a luxury retreat, or investing in commercial property, our expert team is here to guide you every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about our listings and start your journey to owning a property in beautiful Alanya.


Süleyman Homes, as one of Alanya’s leading real estate firms, offers a wide portfolio that combines luxury and comfort.
Our experienced team, prioritizing customer satisfaction, provides you with high-quality living spaces and investment opportunities in Alanya’s most valuable areas.
With our reliable consulting services, we help you find the home of your dreams and ensure your investments gain value.
Süleyman Homes offers bespoke solutions ranging from modern living spaces to villas opening to the sea.
Contact us to achieve the home of your dreams.

Best Regards,
Süleyman Homes.

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